Graduate/Law Students

Apply for Graduate Housing

To apply for housing, please visit USFRooms.

The Spring 2022 Housing application will be available through USFRooms beginning the first week of October.

Students will be notified of approval for spring essential housing on a rolling basis. Please note that graduate housing will only be available in St. Anne's and Fulton House for the Spring 2022 semester. 

Spring housing assignments will be emailed to students the first week of December. Therefore, it's strongly suggested that graduate students who are interested in living on-campus during the Spring semester apply by the priority deadline of December 1, 2021. Students who apply after December 1 may still receive on-campus housing depending on availability, but they would be notified at a later date. 

Housing Information for Incoming Graduate Students 

Graduate students are not guaranteed housing and should know that housing space for graduate students is very limited. Limited space is available for graduate students in the St. Anne's Community, the priority being Law School students. All graduate students are welcome to apply for housing for possible available spaces in Fulton House and Loyola Village Townhouses. The continuing student housing application opens on February 1, 2021. Graduate student applications will be placed on the wait-list until spaces become available in July. However, space may become available beginning in May so please continue to check your Dons email as that is where your housing offer will be sent with a deadline to accept within 3 days of the send date. 

Due to limited on campus housing availability, we strongly encourage graduate students to seek support from Off Campus Living

Housing Contracts

Below are the contracts for the 2021-2022 academic year. Please review the housing contract that applies to you before submitting a housing application. If you are still in need or interested in both fall 2021 and spring 2022 housing the housing application is still available. We encourage you to email to provide additional information to our office about when you hope to move-in.

Here are the options for spring 2022 ONLY:

  • Spring-2022, Loyola Village (LV), Fulton House (FH), 1563 Fulton: Undergraduate students who will be 21 years of age or older during the 2021-2022 academic year should only fill out this application. General graduate students can also fill this application out for possible placement in the Fulton House, although space is limited.

Spring-2022, St Anne's: This application may be filled out only by law school students. No other students should fill out this application.