Ignatian Teaching and Research Fellowship Form

Annual Lane Center Faculty Seminar

Open to all faculty (full-time and part-time) who are interested in learning more about the history and mission of Jesuit higher education; Ignatian pedagogy; and the Catholic social tradition.  Faculty will meet eight times during the fall semester. Through readings, guest speakers, and workshops, faculty will engage the following topics: 

  • Introducing Jesuit Mission and the “Faith that Does Justice” 
  • Jesuit Education & Ignatian Pedagogy 
  • Catholic Social Thought, Jesuit Mission, and Racial Justice
  • Catholic Social Thought, Jesuit Mission and Gender Justice

Participants will receive a stipend of $500 for full participation along with support for developing successful Jesuit Foundation Grant applications. Space is limited to 12 participants.

Please use the following form to register:


The questions below are meant to help us get a sense of your prior experience, perceptions, and aspirations regarding Jesuit mission and the Ignatian tradition. Please provide detailed and thoughtful responses in 500 words or less.