Ignatian Teaching and Research Fellowship Form

Annual Lane Center Faculty Fellowship

The Annual Lane Center Faculty Fellowship is an opportunity for faculty to become more familiar with Catholic Social Thought and USF’s Ignatian tradition and to collaboratively seek connections between these foundational resources and their own approaches to teaching and research. It is also an opportunity to witness and make connections with other faculty who take up the call to teach and research for the common good and to identify the possibilities for engagement and extension through the Jesuit and Catholic educational networks. Faculty who complete the program will receive a $1,000.00 stipend at the end of the academic year. The fellowship also prepares faculty to be competitive for grants of up to $5,000 from USF’s Jesuit Foundation.

Here are some comments from past participants:

“I truly enjoyed this year's cohort and the quality of discussion that we had. Personally for me, it was an opportunity to learn about the Ignatian values and creatively thinking about ways to incorporate these values to my research and teaching.” 

“What I appreciated most about the fellowship was the opportunity to learn from so many people from across the university, as well as, speaking to and from a place of social justice and an interest in working for the most vulnerable in our communities. I was left inspired and filled with hope after each of our sessions together.”

“It was a really useful exercise to find ways to translate work I was already doing to Ignatian language and useful to enhance and re-articulate the mission of my work through this Ignatian lens.”

The Annual Lane Center Faculty Fellowship will meet online for 1 ½ hours, twice a month in the Fall semester to acquire the background knowledge on Catholic Social Thought and the Ignatian tradition necessary to apply to your own teaching and research. In the Spring semester, we will follow the same schedule but all will take turns presenting their own works of research and/or pedagogy as you interpret it applying concepts derived from Catholic Social Thought or the Ignatian tradition. Faculty who are interested in applying, should fill out the below form by September 1.


The questions below are meant to help us get a sense of your prior experience, perceptions, and aspirations regarding Jesuit mission and the Ignatian tradition. Please provide detailed and thoughtful responses in 500 words or less.