One Earth Action Planning

Planning for Environmental and Social Justice at USF

In responding to the call to care for our common home, in 2023 the One Earth Initiative Working Group is connecting with faculty, staff, and students for input on a multi-year Action Plan that will prepare our students and ensure that USF centers justice and sustainability as we look to the future here and in our local and global community. Our approach is that of integral ecology, bringing together cultural, economic and environmental ecologies in which these interconnected “spheres" are viewed together.

We have identified four areas of focus for the Action Plan: 

  • Student experience - curricular and extracurricular
  • Ecological spirituality and culture
  • Infrastructure and facilities
  • Structural mechanisms to coordinate, advance, and promote sustainability work (students, faculty research, and community partnerships)

This Spring we are formulating our draft Action Plan. Your ideas about goals and actions for the plan are welcome! Please use the links below to share your ideas. 

To add a “post-it,” click the + sign at the bottom right of a Padlet. At the bottom left of the post-it you can then choose a color if you don’t want white. Click in the body of your post-it and type your idea. You can also add a link or picture. Then click Publish. Please feel free to “like” or comment on ideas that others have posted!

Student Experience

Spirituality and Culture

Infrastructure and Facilities

Institutional Structures and Governance