Undergraduate Clubs

SOM Clubs & Organizations

Getting involved in any of the numerous clubs and organizations at USF gives you a chance to use and develop your managerial and leadership skills.

Network with fellow students and business professionals, enhance your resume and get a taste of career opportunities by serving on a committee, running for a board position or putting together an event.

Accounting and Finance Club Accounting and Finance Association (AFA)
The Accounting and Finance Association aims to create a supportive, safe, and educational organization for any student interested in pursuing a career in Accounting and/or Finance. Our purpose is to foster a safe space to grow professionally, increase exposure to the many different companies and firms in our economically diverse location, and provide support for all business majors interested in Accounting and Finance, inclusive of all grade levels and GPA standings.
USF-club-beta-alpha-psi Beta Alpha Psi (BAΨ)
Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary and service organization for accounting, finance, and information systems students at universities accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
BBA logo Black Business Association (BBA)
The mission of BBA is to enhance the academic and business affiliated career opportunities for Black students at USF through professional exposure, professional development, and community involvement. 
Business Analytics Club logo Business Analytics Club (BAC)
The USF Business Analytics Club is an organization that aims to allow School of Management Business Analytics students to apply their knowledge of software and applications in real-world consulting contexts (nonprofits as well as the public and private sectors).
USF Health Business Association logo Healthcare Business Association (HBA)
The Healthcare Business Association (HBA) mentors and guides students that are interested in joining the healthcare/business field, but are unsure what steps to take next during their college experience. The club also develops student awareness of different opportunities in the healthcare field.
  Management Club
The Management Club seeks to offer members lasting relationships, leadership opportunities, and career development. Our values are support, adaptability, innovation, relationship building, growth, community, and skill building. We engage in the following activities consistent with our purpose and values: connect students with working professionals in relevant industries, enhance curricular applications from real-work personnel, strengthen the School of Management community including both alumni and current students, and offer career exploration and clarity for management majors.
logo Marketing Club (MC)
Marketing Club is an organization designed for business majors to advance marketing competencies, develop business skills, and network with others of similar interest. It is built to provide its members with internship/job opportunities and to assist them with building a strong portfolio for their future careers.
SOM Honors Society logo SOM Honors Society (SOM HP)
The School of Management Honors Program is designed to recognize academically successful undergraduate students in the School of Management and bring students together for an enriched and elevated learning experience.
Stock Investment Club logo Stock Investment Club (SIC)
Stock Investment Club enables its members to be their own leaders, allows them to express their ideas and to experience what it is like to take responsibility for the ideas that they share. Members build their professional networks through business forums, learn about stocks through meetings, and enjoy college life through our social events.
logo The Hospitality Society (THS)
The Hospitality Society is a student-run organization that is designed to bridge the gap between student life and the professional world. THS provides industry knowledge, enriching experiences, and diverse networking opportunities. THS actively strives to form a supportive environment that promotes friendships and shapes the future leaders of the hospitality industry. Within The Hospitality Society, our members have the opportunity to join a dues-paying membership base titled Club Management Association of America (CMAA).
Women in Business logo Women in Business (WIB)
Women in Business is a club with the sole purpose to provide its members with the necessary tools, support and connections in order to catalyze the involvement of women in historically male-dominated industries. We network with a diverse group of successful women in the Bay Area who want to share their narrative and how their identity as a woman has impacted their pathway to success.

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