OMC Rates

For every project

  • You will receive an estimate at the outset of the project and will be notified with any estimate revisions for changes in project scope.
  • Upon completion of a project, you will receive a creative services invoice from OMC asking for the FOAP we should charge. You may also receive an invoice from any vendor involved (for printing, for example), which OMC will pay on your behalf with your designated FOAP.



  • OMC offers copywriting for any marketing or outreach effort, from postcards and brochures to digital ads and radio scripts and street-pole banners.
  • On each project, we first listen to your needs, and then we write copy and share it with you for feedback. Sometimes we nail the copy on the first round, but often we revise it. Copy is a collaboration.

Design (Digital and Print)


  • We typically ask marketing partners to allow us four to six weeks to complete a project through the printing phase, beginning from the time we receive the final, approved text. It certainly doesn’t take that long to design and print a postcard, but keep in mind that OMC can have as many as 70 projects in various stages of production. Similarly, annual reports, viewbooks, and more complex pieces will take longer than six weeks to produce. Consider, too, that you will typically want to send out invitations four to six weeks before your event.
  • If your timeline is tighter than our standard project timeline, we may be able to accommodate your request, with the addition of rush charges.
  • Depending on the complexity of the project, print quantities, rounds of proof editing, and the printing process (offset vs. digital), printing time at the vendor can take as little as one week to as much as three.

Multimedia (Photography & Videography)

  • Each project is uniquely scoped and estimated based on individual needs and variables.
  • OMC offers full-service photography and videography both on campus and off-site based on your project needs.

Digital Signage

$50/digital signage design (if not part of a larger project)

  • Digital signage template is often created as part of a comprehensive communication plan and will continue to be charged as part of that plan at the standard design and copywriting hourly rate.
  • Marketing strategist-created templates requiring more than 15 minutes to convert will incur a $40 flat-rate fee based on
    • Flyer converted from vertical to horizontal format
    • Image resizing and text adjustments due to format conversion
    • File conversions from PowerPoint
    • Color corrections required for accessibility

Building Unique Website Functionality


  • We do bill $125/hour for
    • Any custom web development work that requires a new component build and/or first-time Drupal module integration
  • Please note that staff time spent providing USFCA and myUSF website support will remain free of charge

Third-Party Website/Systems Styling


  • We do bill $100/hour for
    • Custom css styling/design assistance/troubleshooting for any third-party websites or systems where the USF-branded standard HTML template cannot be applied
  • We do not bill for
    • Providing a standard USF-branded template that closely matches our USF websites

Custom Email Template Design


  • We do bill $100/hour for
    • Css styling/design assistance for creating custom e-newsletter template
  • We do not bill for
    • Support in using/building standard USF-branded emails

Social Media

  • We do not bill for social media services, including strategy assistance, training, or monitoring.