Meet GO Team 2018

  Faustine Yee 

   Major: International Business
   Year: Junior
   Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

“The most important advice I would give to students would be get involved. It will make college a million times better. Everyone is just like you: away from home, no friends and starting new. Someone out there has the same interests as you, take a leap of faith! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! I decided to study international business because I want to travel the world while building relationships and connections with different cultures! What surprised me most about college would be how supported the campus is in students success! There's an outlet for everything covering school, social and career life! The professors and faculty truly care about your success and will do anything to help you get there! All new students should know that there is always an event going on in the city! There's no reason to be bored or inside! Take advantage of the city and you will be rewarded!”