The mission of Pre-Health Professions Advising at the University of San Francisco is to guide, motivate, and support students and alumni who are preparing for health professional careers. Pre-Health Professions Advising ultimately seeks to enhance the pre-health experience for students at USF. 

  • Assist students and alumni in making informed decisions about exploring and preparing for health professions, and applying to health profession programs.
  • Provide accurate guidelines for completing pre-health coursework and understanding admissions requirements.
  • Encourage student participation in the community of San Francisco and beyond, primarily through clinical work, community engagement, and research.

Enrichment Courses

  • Pre-Med at USF

    • 1 Unit P/NP
    • Offered every Fall Semester
    • Exploratory course for incoming students interested in the health professions, with a focus on the field of medicine.
  • Preparing a Health Professional Application

    • 1 Unit P/NP
    • Offered every Spring Semester
    • Intended for Juniors/Seniors who are getting ready to apply for health professional programs