Print Drivers

Student Print Drivers

To print your files to a USF Xerox printer, you will need to install a Pharos Challenge print driver on your Apple or Windows personal computer. Select the appropriate driver from the list below. After successful installation please restart your computer.

Pharos Challenge - Driver Versions

Mac OSX (10.7 and above)

Mac OSX (10.6)

Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit (x86)

Windows XP/Vista/7/10 64-bit (x64)

All software installed on personal equipment is to be installed at your own risk. Due to the wide variety of computer settings and configurations, The University cannot guarantee that remote printing will work on all computers.

Challenge versions require authentication with a username and password every time you send a file to print. You will also need to be connected to the USF network.

Student Employees

To print, for university business purposes,  student employees need to use a Student Employee Copy Card and must print with a Pharos Challenge print driver.  Most department-owned equipment have the appropriate driver installed, however if your department has a USF-owned computer without a Pharos Challenge print driver,  please download the driver from the list above.

When sending a print job with a Student Employee Copy Card, you will be prompted to type in a username. Click on the 'I am Guest" link and then type the copy card number (9-digit number located at the front of the card) in order to assign their print job to the copy card.


For questions regarding drivers, please contact ITS Help at or 415-422-6668.