Residential Curriculum

Educational Priority

The Office of Community Living engages students in residential living through intentional, collaborative, and transformative experiences that promote life skills, community involvement, social responsibility, and academic pursuit in the development of the whole student.

Three Pillars

Learning Goal Statement
Developing the skills necessary to live independently and cooperatively with each other and be academically successful at USF.

Learning Narrative
Development of life skills is necessary for navigating transitions, attaining holistic wellness, and achieving academic success. These many skills are threaded throughout each individual experience and can be drivers for success. We recognize that the development of these skills is an individual journey and the support provided by Residential Life is critical for this exploration.

Learning Goal Statement: 
Students will establish personal connections with others and identify resources for engagement in their various communities.

Learning Narrative: 
Residential Life will provide opportunities and resources for residential students to define and understand concepts of community in a way that promotes the upholding of community standards, reflections of community impact, and positive engagement with members of their floor, the university, and the city of San Francisco

Learning Goal Statement: 
Students will become socially responsible by way of identity discernment, understanding of social identities within local, national, and global context and engage in becoming social change agents. We believe this is rooted in the social change model “ I, We, Community” approach to social change. 

Learning Narrative:
For students to engage in social change, it is important that Residential Life facilitates an environment that develops the next generation of socially responsible leaders of their communities. We believe responsibility derives from the development of cultural competence, and exploration of personal identities, and a willingness to understand and respect other's experiences and identities.