Job Description

General Scope of Position

The Residence Director (RD) is a twelve-­month, full­ time, live ­in professional staff position.  The start date of this position is negotiable with the end of the first term being on May 31st of that academic year.  All subsequent terms run from June 1st to May 31st.  This position is a one-year appointment renewable up to a maximum of 4 years.  At the discretion of the Director, a 5th-year appointment can be extended and granted if mutually agreed upon by you. Employment is reviewed for renewal based upon satisfactory performance evaluation, demonstration of interest and commitment to new areas of professional development, and potential for additional contributions by the Residence Director to the work of the Office of Community Living For the convenience of the University and to enable the proper performance of the duties and responsibilities of this position, the Residence Director must accept housing in a residential facility on the main campus of the University as a condition of accepting this position.

The Residence Director is responsible for the planning, implementation, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive residential curriculum for a residence hall or apartment-­style housing First Year or Continuing Students in an on-campus community of approximately 2­500 residential students. The Residence Director may supervise one graduate student Assistant Residence Director (ARD), between 6 and 16 Resident Advisors (RAs), and overall building facilities management and operations.

Leadership responsibilities include staff development and training; implementation of building residential curriculum; advising student groups such as the Residence Hall Council (RHC); emergency response and crisis management; student leadership selection and development; academic initiatives; alcohol and other drug (AOD) education; multicultural and social justice education; orientation; health and wellness; and partnership with living-learning communities. The Residence Director assumes leadership responsibilities at the departmental and University levels. These include working with and chairing residence life committees, supervising special projects, and undertaking special assignments. 

  • Collaborate with the Associate Director, Resident Ministers, and other Student Life staff to implement principles of community and student development that not only align with the building’s residential curriculum but also actively foster a sense of community within the residence hall or condominium-­style community. Assume a leadership role in implementing a residential curriculum and teaching those principles to Resident Advisors, front desk staff, Residence Hall Council, Residence Hall Association, and other residents.
  • Partner with staff in the Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) to support the retention and academic success of residential students.
  • Partner with University Ministries, primarily through the Resident Minister program, to support the spiritual development of resident students. 
  • Provide direction and documentation to programs designed to support a residential curriculum that promotes the achievement of departmental and divisional learning and development outcomes for students.
  • Initiate and support faculty, student, and staff interaction. Work with student staff members to facilitate resident attendance at University programs on campus. Assist with faculty involvement efforts in the residential community.
  • In consultation with the Associate Director, provide direction to the staff in communicating, interpreting, and administering Office of Community Living and University policies and procedures.
  • Serve as a student conduct hearing officer. Assume responsibility for disciplinary record keeping, counseling, and sanctioning.
  • Coordinate the on­going development of RHA and RHC within the residential community. Direct staff efforts in seeking out and cultivating student leaders, and in supporting student government.
  • Work with staff and students to provide opportunities, training experiences, and individual connection contacts that identify and help to resolve individual problems and conflicts. Assist students in developing skills to address conflicts arising from interaction and confrontations with others.
  • Maintain visibility and availability within the hall, and initiate informal contacts with students. Role model this behavior for staff members.
  • Develop and monitor a fiscally responsible budget for residence hall community development programming and initiative efforts.
  • Assume responsibility for the recruitment, selection, supervision, training, development, and evaluation of the Resident Advisors for the residential community.
  • Assume responsibility for the supervision, training, development, and evaluation of the Assistant Residence Director(s).
  • Provide direction to staff efforts in the residential community, and work with individual staff members to help them establish and reach objectives. Provide organization and communication to promote effective staff relations, a support system for individual staff members, and a format for the information exchange necessary for the staff to function effectively as a team (e.g., weekly staff meetings).
  • Serve as a resource person to Resident Advisors and be aware of programs, problems, and individual concerns unique to the floors.
  • Pursue professional self-­development and involvement in professional organizations and other areas within the Division of Student Life.
  • Develop and maintain a liaison relationship with Resident Ministers and encourage hall staff to develop this relationship as well.
  • Approve timesheets for student employees of the residence hall or condominium­-style community.
  • Establish appropriate safety precautions and provide emergency training for staff.
  • Communicate facilities problems to facilities management and the Associate Director for Facilities and Summer Operations.
  • Serves as a mandated Title IX reporter.
  • Coordinate the opening and closing of the residence hall or condominium­-style community.
  • Coordinate staff duty coverage and participate in campus-­wide duty coverage among the Residence Directors.  This includes assisting students in the event of hospital transport.
  • Establish appropriate expectations for the Resident Advisor staff with regard to cooperating, supporting, and fully communicating with the ABLE (janitorial contractor) staff, Facilities Management, Food Service, and Public Safety to ensure the smooth operation of the residence area.
  • Facilitate the orderly transfer of hall operations at the beginning and end of Summer Guest Housing.
  • Develop and maintain positive and effective working relationships with faculty, staff, and administration at the University of San Francisco.
  • Research critical issues surrounding student affairs administration and residence life to keep abreast of current trends.
  • Serve on selected department and University committees.
  • Other duties as assigned (by the Associate Director, Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Community Living or designee).

As part of the larger staff in Student Life, the Residence Director collaborates and cooperates across divisions and departments to create a supportive University community that encourages student learning and development in the Jesuit Catholic tradition and commits to:

  • Promoting a common good that includes the needs of all students

  • Engaging differences in a manner that allows students to learn from the diversity of perspectives, experiences, and traditions that exist within the University community
  • Providing experiences that challenge students to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, culturally, and morally in order to prepare them to contribute to the University community
  • Drawing out the leadership qualities inherent in every individual, and providing opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills
  • Creating an environment that supports a socially responsible way of being together in a community
  • Recognizing and celebrating the achievements and contributions of all students.

The Residence Director reports to and is directly supervised by the Associate Director for Residential Life. Verbal contact is expected on a regular and frequent basis. Written reports may be necessary as a follow­up to specific situations within the hall. The periodic evaluation of the hall program and personnel will occur with the Associate Director in consultation with other senior leaders in the department. Decisions involving policy, procedures, and personnel within the residence hall or condominium ­style community should be communicated to and made in consultation with the Associate Director.

A Master’s Degree in Student Personnel or related field and at least one year of residence life experience, with preference given to experience at the graduate level and above.

The University of San Francisco is located in the heart of one of the world’s most innovative and diverse cities and is home to a vibrant academic community of students and faculty who achieve excellence in their fields. Its diverse student body enjoys direct access to faculty, small classes, and outstanding opportunities in the city itself. USF is San Francisco’s first university, and its Jesuit Catholic mission helps ignite a student’s passion for social justice and a desire to “Change the World From Here” For more information, visit

The University is an equal opportunity institution of higher education. The University does not discriminate in employment, educational services, and academic programs on the basis of an individual’s race, color, religion, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age (except minors), sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition (cancer-related and genetic-related) and disability, and the other bases prohibited by law. The University reasonably accommodates qualified individuals with disabilities under the law.

The projected start date is late July 2024.