About Us

The Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities (OSCRR) is responsible for the overall administration and management of the University's conduct process involving nonacademic student misconduct.

Employing an educational approach emphasizing personal accountability and responsibility, OSCRR works to ensure just and prompt resolution of allegations of misconduct.

We work closely with other departments on campus to prevent and respond to misconduct and strive to create an environment that fosters integrity while promoting an ethic of care:

Take care of yourself; Take care of each other; Take care of this place.



Mission Statement & Goals

The ability to CHANGE THE WORLD FROM HERE starts with one's personal commitment to responsible behavior. The Office of Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities (OSCRR) at the University of San Francisco fosters an educational and developmental approach to student conduct, focusing on learning through self-reflection and personal accountability for behavior and decisions. Our mission is to help and encourage students be successful in all facets of their lives.

We recognize that sometimes good people make bad choices. Part of our role is to help educate our students to make better choices to support their educational and personal goals. The conduct process and sanctions are designed for guidance or correction of behavior and to protect the rights of other students within the University community, rather than for punishment.

USF is an institution where growth and development are fostered, excellence pursued, and the highest standards of integrity are expected in all areas of life. OSCRR is committed to providing an environment where individuals exhibit respect for the rights of all persons, feel safe, property is secure, and education of the highest quality is achieved.

The University outlines the standards of appropriate behavior expected of all students through the Mission, Vision and Values statement as well as through the Student Conduct Code and other University policies and procedures. Having voluntarily enrolled at USF, all students have entered into an agreement to be aware of and abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Student Conduct Code and University mission. Each student is responsible to conform their conduct to the requirements of the Code and applicable federal, state and local laws.

Violations of the Code will be resolved through the University's conduct system, which is designed to reflect and support the educational mission of the institution and to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals charged with or victimized by student misconduct. Recognizing the uniqueness of each student, the conduct process is grounded in the Ignatian ideal of cura personalis - promoting the development of the whole person.

OSCRR considers the Code as minimal expectations and seeks to foster a commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior by the consistent and fair manner in which we operate our process. We view our conduct process as a learning experience intended to result in the growth and personal understanding of individual responsibility.

Therefore, we strive to:

  • build an understanding of the consequences of misconduct;
  • foster respect for the rights of others;
  • encourage personal growth;
  • redirect behavior into acceptable and appropriate patterns;
  • protect the rights of all students and community members; and
  • reduce high-risk and unsafe behavior


Ryan Garcia

Emily Gove
Assistant Director