Campus schools and departments are the largest employment resource for student employees. Many students seek on-campus employment to gain work experience and to assist with meeting their academic expenses. Hiring supervisors are responsible for many steps in the student employment experience.

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  • Advertising a Job
  • New Hire Process
  • Compensation and Supervision
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising a Job

The first step in the hiring process is to determine the scope of the job and advertise the job online.

  • Duties and pay rate: Job duties should include meaningful work that aids in professional experience. The salary for the job should reflect responsibilities and work experience required for the position. For assistance, please refer to the guide for determining an appropriate wage.
  • Posting on job board: To post a student position, start by creating a job requisition through USFWorks.
  • Select a candidate: The process of selecting a candidate is left to the discretion of the hiring supervisor. We strongly encourage the collection of a resume and cover letter, as well as conducting an interview prior to the job offer. Once a candidate (or candidates) are selected for employment, supervisors should decline all other candidates, sending them a thank-you note for their time and alerting them that the position has been filled.

New Hire Process

  • After you offer a job to a student through USFWorks and the student accepts the offer, a digital onboarding process will start for the student employee. They must complete all parts of the onboarding process, including I-9 document verification at the Student Employment Office, before they start working.
  • Information on training sessions, and step-by-step guides for hiring student, wage adjustment, and terminations are available on the USFWorks Launch Website.
  • Managers are encouraged to utilize the Onboarding Status Summary Report on USFWorks to review their student workers' onboarding progress and ensure that employees complete all new hire requirements and are able to log work hours prior to beginning work.

Compensation and Supervision

  • Pay types: All student jobs are hourly positions. Payments for academic merit awards should be submitted through the Financial Aid Operations and Services Office. Our Student Employee Classification Guidelines has information about hourly pay rates for student employees.
  • Hours: Domestic students may work up to twenty-five (25) hours per week while classes are in session and thirty-five (35) hours per week during academic breaks, summer session, and winter intersession. International students (F-1 or J-1 visa) may work up to twenty (20) hours per week while classes are in session and thirty-five (35) hours per week during academic breaks, summer session, and winter intersession. All student employees are limited to 7.5 hours per day.
  • Time sheets: Timesheets must be submitted each pay period and approved by the supervisor prior to the pay period closing. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to help ensure that a student employee completes the timesheet correctly and on time for each pay period during which the student worked. Students should not hold timesheets for late submission. More information about time sheets is available on the Payroll website. If a time sheet is missed, you may edit past time within USFWorks and a students pay will be adjusted in the following pay cycle.
  • Evaluations: Supervisors are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to student employees throughout the year. Supervisors are asked to complete an employee evaluation at the end of each assignment. In addition to identifying a student employee's strengths and areas needing improvement, the evaluation can be used as a tool to determine eligibility for rehire for the following year.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions, please see the Supervisor FAQs.