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In addition, to new USF Housing listing website, these are other resources to use. 

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Housing Hacks: The Basics to Get You Started

A. Know the Market

  • Due to the attraction of living in the city, rent prices are above the national average
  • While the search for housing is competitive, it is absolutely possible to obtain
  • Research and become aware of housing neighborhoods, average cost, and availabiliy                      
  • Typically the search will take a bit of time, so resilience and patience are key
  • Average 1BR apt. in SF currently listed at $3,096 as of April 2016
  • Average 1BR apt near USF ranges between $2,200 and $3,500

    B. Steps to Take

  • Determine your rental budget (which will help you determine your options)
  • Assess your values, priorities, and flexibility
  • Research neighborhoods, and begin to download apps relating to SF neighborhoods; maps are very helpful
  • Network with everyone you know and even those you don’t
  • Remember to breathe and to relax in the process
  • Get your finances and renters data together!
  • Organize your financial information and postings! (If in need of a co signer,           designate one now)!
  • Narrow down housing options
  • Create a bio post and send out to prospective people
  • Work with the Off Campus Housing office for support and resources!

    C. Getting Financial Information in Order

  • Gather all financial info together
  • Create a U.S. bank account
  • Collect pay stub, scholarship information, and a bank statement; the purpose is to show you have the financial resources to pay your rent
  • Designate a co signer if needed
  • Create a budget to determine how much you can realistically pay for rent; your rent range will help to determine your options for housing

    D. Take Time to Know SF

  • Research and download apps or visit websites which will help orient you to San Francisco
  • Study maps of the city & city happenings
  • USF Housing Listing Page

    The new USF Off Campus Housing search platform will go live on March 9, 2017. Until then, please refer to the existing housing listing page

    Stay tuned for the following features you'll be able to use with the new website: 

    1) Housing Search:  This search for housing is specifically directed at USF students. The majority of these properties are close to campus with landlords who have been renting to USF student or specifically want USF students.  In addition, students who are looking to fill an open vacancy in his/her apartment also are able to post here.

    2) Roommate Finder: Here you are allowed the ability to post as well as to search for a roommate/housemate within the USF Community.

    3) Message Board: Great space for information sharing on a variety of off campus topics, such as buying and/or selling furniture, rideshare, community service opportunities, cooking classes, etc. 

     4) Educational Resource: Used in conjunction with the OCSS website, this is a great place to view an example of a tenant lease agreement/contract, tips for the housing search, links to neighborhood maps and public transportation, etc.

    5) Announcements:  Use this feature to continually look for important information on your neighborhood or city, updates and news from USF, city happenings, vendor discounts, etc. 

    Networking:  Social media and SF websites are also good avenues to find housing. We encourage you to explore all options as you work towards finding your new home. Create a bio post to send out to prospective persons or post your bio online and ask for those to contact you if interested.

    Off-Campus Housing Quick Links