Additional Campus Card

If you work at one of USF's additional campuses or locations, you will receive your first USF One Card via the Additional Campus ID Express process. ID Express is a program offered by the One Card Office that enables you to minimize the amount of time that it takes to receive your card.

Additional Campus/Location Contacts

Additional Campus ID Express Instructions:

  • Visit our Photo Upload page and follow the instructions to submit a photo electronically.
  • You will receive an email regarding the acceptance or rejection of the photo that you submitted. If it is rejected, you will be asked to submit a new one.
  • Once you receive confirmation that your photo has been accepted, please speak with the designated person at your location about requesting a USF One Card on your behalf.
  • As soon as we create it, we will send (Certified Mail) the USF One Card to your location contact.

Please note that you are expected to retain this card throughout your time at USF. Even if you experience a break in your time here (e.g., a term or a year off), you should keep your One Card, as it will be reactivated upon registration.

While we do not charge anything for cards that experience normal wear-and-tear, there typically is a $15 replacement fee for all other lost or replacement cards. However, if your cardholder status changes (e.g., from part-time to full-time staff), you should replace your One Card, at no cost, to reflect the change. To replace a lost One Card, simply mail a check, made out to USF and in the amount of $15, to the University of San Francisco One Card Office. Once payment has been received, your replacement card will be printed and sent to your location for you to pick up.

*Refer to the Replace a Card page for additional information.