Behavior Contract Form

Short Term Program Behavior Contract

In consideration for being permitted to participate in the University of San Francisco Study Abroad program in the above specified City and Country, with the above specified Program, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. At all times during the Program, my conduct must conform with the Mission of the University of San Francisco, hereby known as the University, the standards set forth in the Fogcutter Student Handbook, all rules then in effect as contained in Program literature and as stated by Program personnel, and all rules established by the program site.

2. I understand I am responsible for knowing and abiding by the laws of those countries through which I travel while participating in the Program.

3. I understand the University considers some offenses to be serious including, but not limited to the following:

  • • Illegal drug use
  • • Use of abusive language
  • • Failure to inform appropriate personnel regarding travel plans
  • • Alcohol use that impairs judgment and/or leads to improper social behavior
  • • Disruptive behavior and/or noise in residences, hotels, transportation or campus
  • • Disregard for local laws and more
  • • Disruption or obstruction of teaching
  • • Failure to attend classes or other Program activities regularly (without an excused absence or permission)

4. I understand and agree that my failure to comply with any part of this behavior contract may result in disciplinary action including the following:

  • • Immediate expulsion from the Program
  • • Total forfeiture of all fees and monies paid to the University of San Francisco
  • • Loss of all course/academic credit in progress
  • • Permanent disqualification from all future University of San Francisco Study Abroad or international programs.