Housing Form

Student Name

Please read the following statements, then check the appropriate choice.

I will need USF on-campus housing.

I understand that the online housing application will only be available once I have been accepted into USF as an exchange student.  For more information on housing application instructions and costs, please visit: http://www.usfca.edu/residence_life

Once admitted, I will apply online for housing and submit the housing deposit of $300.00 US Dollars. USF is no longer able to process International Money orders as it is a foreign item payment. Students are advised to submit online payment with an e-check or send USF a bank wire transfer payment. For instructions on sending payment please read the section 'Methods of Payment' from the following link:http://www.usfca.edu/payment

If you do not have a US Bank Account, then you cannot use e-check to pay online.

I will not be living on campus.

I have already made my own arrangements for housing for the term(s) of my Jesuit Exchange Program study at the University of San Francisco.

Students should be aware that apartments in the City of San Francisco are expensive. Students should not arrive in San Francisco without having an off-campus place to live. USF will not arrange off-campus housing for you.