Title IX Task Force

Mission of Committee

The mission of the USF Title IX Task Force is to form a partnership between USF students, staff, and faculty to help create a campus environment that promotes respect, equality, civility, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality.  The Task Force is dedicated to the promotion of the rights of students, staff, and faculty to live, work, and study in a safe and healthy environment, free from sexual discrimination, including sexual and gender-based assault and harassment.  

Committee Purpose and Responsibilities

  • Foster Communication and Collaboration in Prevention Efforts: The Task Force is a way to connect USF students, faculty, administrators, and community stakeholders interested in defining and promoting sexual violence prevention efforts.  The goal is to align priorities and mobilize efforts of various groups toward improving a common outcome, which is to raise awareness of the impact of interpersonal violence on campus, reduce the occurrence of such acts, and to promote gender equality, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality.
  • Engage the Campus Community: The Task Force will encourage student organizations, athletics, campus administrators, university departments, student government and others to facilitate conversations about sex that focus on individual choices along the continuum of sexual activity. These conversations will identify and popularize healthy sexuality that respects the roles of consent, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and help move these conversations from the shadows into the public arena.  Such strategies will be multifaceted and include, but not be limited to, activities such as classroom discussions, health promotion programs, media campaigns, peer education, and public opportunities for discussion.
  • Centralize Efforts for Sustainable Forward Momentum: The Task Force will ensure that USF’s commitment to the promotion of a safe and healthy environment will maintain long-term stability and build on the campus’ efforts from year to year through convening resources and partners to build on the momentum of its history and cultivated partnerships.

2017-2018 Membership

Erin Echols – Co-Director, Cultural Centers
Alvin Mangosing – Assistant Director for Residential Education

Committee Members:

Molly Zook – Senior Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
Sarah Burgess – Faculty Representative
Ria DasGupta – Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach
Marci Nunuez – Student Leadership and Engagement
Steve Peach – Office of Student Conduct Rights and Responsibilities
Natalie Macias – Health Promotion Services
Lia Farb – Office of the Dean of Students

Upcoming Fall Events:

First Six Weeks
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Contact Us:

For more information on the Title IX Task Force, training, presentation, or collaborative efforts please contact Title IX Coordinator at deanofstudents@usfca.edu or 415-422-5330.