Welcome to USF! All new first-year and transfer students are invited to take a 1-unit course called USF101 during their first semester on campus. Students enrolled in USF101 meet weekly, engaging with an instructor, a peer mentor, and each other to explore their new environment and chart their college journey.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get connected and get involved on campus
  • Tap into your curiosity and core values
  • Set productive study habits
  • Manage your time and plan a course for graduation
  • Brainstorm potential career paths
  • Leverage your support network
  • Maintain your health and self-care in college

What Students Are Saying...

USF101 helped me meet a few of my great friends so far in college, and I couldn't be more grateful. I loved the small, fun class I was in, and the community that resulted from it. I enjoyed having a place to ask questions and learn about the college experience, with others in the same situation.

USF101 helped me understand my true values, academically and personally, so that I can use them while working through my education here at USF.

USF101 taught me about career goals, building relationships, responsibility, personal values, student opportunities, academic goals and personal goals too. I learned about all the necessary and essential things for me to set my goals as a freshman till my senior year, such as the Four Year Plan. It helped me greatly during my transition to my college.

I liked having a space where I can just reflect and focus on myself instead of focusing on academics.

I liked how this class taught about life and how do go through it. It wasn't like a normal course where teachers give you lectures; this course focused on engaging the students and let them think on their own.