Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches USF101?

Instructors include USF faculty and staff with interest and experience in helping new students transition to college. All sections of USF101 also have a peer mentor.

How do I register for USF101?

You can register for USF101 along with your other classes after completing the advising and class registration tutorials. The “subject” for the course is “University of San Francisco.” More detailed instructions are available within the tutorials.

What is a peer mentor?

A peer mentor is a current USF student who serves as a role model and a resource for new students. Peer mentors help facilitate the USF101 course, sharing their perspectives and experiences as successful USF students.

What is a USF101 class like?

Students meet each week for 65 minutes with their instructor and peer mentor to engage in activities and discussions on a series of topics: college in the Jesuit tradition, personal values and goal setting, health and wellness, bystander intervention and safety, study skills and time management, diversity and inclusion, curiosity and information literacy, academic planning, exploring vocations, managing finances, and building sustainable, just communities. Homework may include watching a video or reading a short text, exploring campus or an SF neighborhood with some classmates, writing a brief reflection, or using the library’s resources to answer a question. USF101 students also draft a four-year plan mapping out their courses and co-curricular activities, with guidance from instructors and CASA Academic Success Coaches.

Why should I take USF101?

USF101 is a great opportunity to connect with other students new to campus. Together you’ll explore your new environment, learn the ropes of college life, gain insights about yourself and your peers, and practice various skills that will help you succeed at USF.

Is USF101 similar to a First Year Seminar? Can I take both?

USF101 is a one-unit course that focuses specifically on the USF experience, including your personal, academic, and career goals. First Year Seminars are four-unit courses with a wide variety of specific content, taught by faculty in various academic departments. Almost all First Year Seminars count toward the Core. You may choose to take USF101, a First Year Seminar, or both.

Do I have to pay extra for USF101 if I'm already registered for 18 units?

No, you will not be charged any extra tuition for the USF101 course.

My spring schedule is already full. Can I take USF101 in the fall?

No. USF101 is designed for students’ very first term on campus, so if you are entering in the fall or spring, that’s your one opportunity to take the class. You can still add USF101, even if you are enrolled in 18 units; however, you will need help from CASA to add USF101.