Coyote Sighting Near Lone Mountain East Residence Hall

Dear USF Community,

The Hilltop Campus has been the home to coyotes on and off for the past six years. Most recently, a coyote has been seen on the lawn near the Lone Mountain East residence hall. We have had no reports of aggressive behavior by these animals toward humans. It is imperative to keep campus-approved animals on leashes.

Coyotes are shy animals and not known to be aggressive, but they will exhibit assertive behavior when threatened or protecting pups. During pup-rearing season (April through fall), it is not unusual for the animals to try and frighten humans with dogs who venture too close to their den. People should not be alarmed by the coyotes, but they should be aware of the animals, avoid the areas where there is known activity, and read and follow instructions on signs placed in active coyote areas.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) receives many inquiries about options for removing the coyotes. Relocation is illegal under California law. It is also inhumane. Lethal removal is ineffective and unethical since another coyote will simply take its place, often within weeks. SFACC and coyote experts feel that the local coyotes are here to stay and their hope is that the community learns to peacefully coexist with them. Melissa Peabody has made a beautiful film, San Francisco, Still Wild at Heart, which explores the arrival of coyotes in our urban communities. 

If you see a coyote acting aggressively or exhibiting strange behavior on campus, or if it appears in distress or is injured, please call the USF Department of Public Safety at (415) 422-4201 and we will investigate and call SFACC if needed. In addition, SFACC is tracking coyote sightings in San Francisco. To report a sighting, please send an email with the date, time, location, and any other details of the sighting. More information is available on the SFACC website

Thank you,
Department of Public Safety