9/14 - Gas Leak Evening Update

Dear USF Community,

This message is an update to the work being done to address the reported gas leak and subsequent gas outage impacting lower campus.

The nature of the leak has been identified and repairs have begun. USF Facilities and on-site contractors will continue repair work through the night. This will result in extra lighting in the area and construction noise with excavation of the site and repairs to the gas pipe. While the line is being repaired, gas service to lower campus will continue to be off.

The following operational adjustments will continue during the gas outage:

  • Market Cafe in University Center will be open tomorrow morning for continental breakfast options.
  • Hot food service options for breakfast will only be offered in The Open Door Cafe on Lone Mountain.
  • Residential students in Hayes-Healy, Gillson, Toler, and Fromm who need to shower may use Koret Recreation Center. Koret is open from 6am-10pm on weekdays and 8am-8pm on weekends.
  • While gas is out, dryer units in lower campus residence halls will not be operational.
  • If events in the McLaren Complex need to be relocated, sponsors will be alerted of new locations.

Updates will be provided Thursday morning as to the status of the repair work and return to normal campus operations.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Please note: It is still safe to remain in your building/room and be on campus.


Julie Orio
Vice President, Student Life

Mike London
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management