Koret Center Policy and Courtesy Reminders, Pool Hours Sunday 10/23

The Koret Health and Recreation Center's pool will be closing this Sunday at 4:30 pm (10/23) due to the Queer Pool Party.

Policy and Courtesy Reminders:

Please review these TOP 5 policy and courtesy reminders to ensure that all stakeholders enjoy a safe and inclusive space when inside the Koret Health and Recreation Center.

No phones in locker room

  • No phone use is allowed inside the locker rooms due to privacy and Title IX concerns related to photos/videos and sexual exploitation
  • If you receive an emergency call, please exit the locker room immediately
  • If confronting another patron directly, always remain respectful. If you need support, find the nearest Koret staff member on duty or use a campus phone to call 2911

Maintain respectful communications with others

  • Whenever speaking to a Koret patron or staff member, maintain respectful communications at all times
  • If you need to report a frustration, complaint or concern, direct your message to KHRC@usfca.edu
  • Verbal or physical harassment of others may result in loss of access

Allow others to work in on weight machines if you are resting between sets

  • When resting between sets, please avoid excessive scrolling/texting while sitting on a machine
  • If someone is resting on a machine and you want to use it, use the terms "I'd like to work in on this machine"
  • If the person does not respect your request, find the nearest Koret staff member on duty for support

Re-rack plates and weights

  • Koret rules (and gym etiquette) require users to re-rack plates and weights after use
  • Failing to re-rack weights creates a safety hazard for other users, and staff on-duty
  • Failing to re-rack plates leaves machines inaccessible to users who may not be able to lift enough weight to remove the plates

Obey all rules in the platform area including (but not limited to):

  • No more than 3 people per platform, no chalk, no large bags (store belongings in cubbies)
  • Always use collars, bar catches and safety features (in proper position), and wear closed-toe shoes
  • No slamming, dropping weights, or metal plates on platform area