Record Rainfall Impact to Campus and Facilities' Response

As you return to campus, you may notice some impacts of the record-setting rainfall and storms that the Bay Area has been inundated with over the last three weeks. On Dec. 31, San Francisco received 5.46 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. Since Jan. 16, San Francisco has experienced the wettest 22-day period since Jan. 14, 1862, totaling 18.09 inches of rain.

The impact on campus buildings and grounds has resulted in water intrusion in multiple buildings. Some damage was relatively minor; however, several buildings experienced extensive flooding. We observed water infiltration into buildings in ways never previously observed in recent history, including the moderately severe rains in January of 2022. USF Facilities Management personnel, and outside contractors, are working very hard around the clock to remediate this damage and inconvenience and restore the buildings to operational acceptability. Some areas will require engineering analysis and design to repair the problems, which will take time to accomplish. We appreciate your patience while we resolve these issues. If you have questions, please call the Facilities Front Desk at (415) 422-6464, and they will direct the question to the most appropriate person.

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