USF Steamlines Project

Facilities Management will undertake a streamline maintenance/replacement project on the lower campus. The work will involve excavation of current streamline infrastructure, replacement, and re-paving in Welch Field and in nearby pathways. 

The project has an estimated 2-3 month duration. To meet that schedule, the contractor will work 2 weekday shifts (8am - 8:30pm)  and a single shift on Saturday mornings. 

Impact areas on lower campus include Welch Field, lower portion of Gleason lawn, north south footpaths. All areas within the work zone will be fenced off and covered when work is not in progress. Trenched areas that intersect foot or vehicle traffic in paved areas will be covered with metal trench plates rated for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Fence placement and trenching is expected to begin in Welch Field during the week of July 25.  

Please respect cautionary signage and use caution in the area.