With Support for Our ​​Hawai‘i Community

Dear Members of the ​​Hawai‘i USF Community,

I have been distraught by the news of the disastrous wildfires in Lahaina and across Maui and on the Island of ​​Hawai‘i. As I write this message, I hold in my prayers the 96 people who have lost their lives and those who are still unaccounted for, as well as so many others who have lost their homes and businesses and been displaced. We are especially grateful for the first responders who are saving lives and laboring to protect the islands.

USF has been home to many students from ​​Hawai‘i, and many of our current students, faculty, and staff have family and loved ones in the state. We are sending our deepest condolences and prayers to all of you and your beloved communities.

You were remembered yesterday at the welcome liturgy for new undergraduate students and their families. We will remember you again at the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Aug. 29 at 11:45 a.m. 

The entire university community stands with you during this devastating time, and we affirm our unity in support and prayer. We invite the USF community to give and take action through the Hawai‘i Community Foundation (HCF), which is accepting donations for the Maui Strong Fund.

Current USF students and employees may access a number of resources and support services during this traumatic time: 

As you take care of yourself, your family, community, and friends, please know that I and all members of the USF community have you in our prayers. 

Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J.