Migration and the US-Mexico Border

Art over US-Mexico border wall

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Join us in an immersion to learn about the challenges facing the Tijuana/San Diego border region. You will engage in solidarity with the realities faced by immigrant communities and combat the stereotypes immigration has been given right here in one of the most important areas involving this issue. 

You will learn about grassroots issues and organizations advancing social justice on the border, fostering community engagement, nourishing their personal development, and promoting global dialogue. Arrupe Immersions promote the understanding of immersion as a practice, an evolving lived experience that results in unique learning and growth for everyone involved, centered in solidarity.


  • Discover the individual, cultural and political implications of the U.S./Mexico Border
  • Practice what it means to stand for community activism at the grassroots level
  • Empathize with the harsh realities affecting daily life in communities along the border
  • Analyze and "read the signs of the times" by reflecting deeply on the events unfolding before our eyes and responding to them out of mature faith.