Arrupe Initiative

The Arrupe Initiative is USF's effort to become an institution that promotes peace and reconciliation and justice through research and the formation of students, in order to transform society and culture.

The Arrupe Initiative seeks to promote collaboration, research, and programming to advances the following priorities:

  1. Promote programs of formation of civic and political leaders to better serve the common good, stressing the responsibility of the political class to build sustainable, humane and just societies.

  2. Promote awareness and a sense of urgency for an integrated economic and environmental justice through education and advocacy in our university.

  3. Promote the study and practice of peace and reconciliation through programs that build bridges and teach critical skills, and through all our social justice projects.

  4. Foster collaboration and research among and between scholars and institutions within the Global Jesuit Network on priority issues and challenges.

  5. Create effective research and development program(s) that will assist the regions and the collaboration efforts, to promote effective implementation of the priority issues and help measure success.

Our Projects: