Scholarships and Funding

Each year, thanks to our gracious donors, we are able to give out grants and scholarships to students that show passion, and who without financial assistance, would not be able to participate in the Immersions. All scholarships go towards the program fees, students are expected to cover flights and units. 

We do not want monetary limitations to prevent any student from participating in an Immersion. Please contact us, or the professors leading the immersion, if you feel you have financial difficulties that might hinder your participation.

At Global Immersions, we try to create resources and media that reflect and portray the experience students have during their immersions. We focus on content that engages and inspires students, helps guide reflections, deepens the understanding of the task at hand, and keeps everyone safe during immersions.

We enroll students to help create this, by offering Assistantship Scholarships for immersion. Students usually take on one role, that requires their commitment before, during, and after the immersion.  We ask all our Student Assistants to read our “How to ethically document your immersion” guide.

Assistantships pay between $200-300 that goes directly to the program cost. 

The Assistantships positions available for each immersion are:

  • Recorder: photographs or video, and social media management.
  • Journalist: writes reflections, blog posts, and articles.
  • Researcher: collect context information before immersion, and create a contact list.
  • Translator: serves as a translator for fellow USF students during the immersion (must speak the language of the location).

See detailed responsibilities here. 


Included in the online application for Arrupe Immersion is the opportunity to request financial aid for those students with demonstrated financial need, including a section to apply for an assistantship. During the interview process, and the pre-immersion process, Immersion leaders will choose students to fulfill the different roles based on their needs and qualifications. 


  • Demonstrate the skills to fulfill assistantship.
  • Communicate financial need during application, interviews or directly to Immersion Leaders.
  • Students that receive another Arrupe Immersion grant or scholarship are not eligible for assistantships. 

1st Prize of $500 towards program cost (1) and 2nd Prize of $250 towards program cost (1). 

  • To participate you have to meet the following eligibility requirements.
  • Apply to a 2019-2020 Arrupe Immersion.
  • Like and share the "Arrupe Immersion Social Media Contest" post (University Ministry FBTwitter and IG) on your social media platform (submit screenshot evidence to
  • Describe in the caption why you went on an Immersion or why you are looking forward to one. 
  • Most importantly, make a call to action and ask your audience, to apply to the Arrupe Immersions and reference your name in their application (question #16), these referrals will be counted to determine the winner. 
  • You have until 11:59pm on Sunday, September 30th, 2020 to submit your post.
  • We will keep count and let you know mid-October. Winner will be determined by the retention rate (the number of applications with your name and how many participate in the Arrupe Immersions)


All USF students participating in Arrupe immersions are eligible for the Foster Grant except past recipients of the scholarship. Up to two participants per immersion will be chosen. 


The Foster Grant covers 100% of the program fee. 


  • Student most embody dedication to the service of others.
  • Demonstrate previous and/or current experience in community service and engagement
  • Financial need. 


This award does not require a separate application or nomination form, but students must disclose financial need during the application.

Those who are interested are strongly encouraged to submit a service resume highlighting service to their communities, schools, and parishes during the last section of the Immersion application. Students can also contact Immersion Leaders to express interest and submit their service resume during the interview process of any time before the immersion. 


Applications open on September 1st, students are selected during and after the interview process and are notified by October 15th. 

If a student who was chosen to receive the Foster grant can no longer participate in the immersion for that year, the process will begin again and another student will be selected. 

Fundraising guide. 

We know that sometimes even with Financial Assistance it is hard to make ends meet for an international trip, that is why we have put together a Fundraising guide to help you meet your goals.  (updated Fall 2020)