Laudato Si: Intertwining Education and Culture in Indigenous Ecologies

  • Program focus: Indigenous peoples' ecologies, education, and culture
  • When: January 7 - 14, 2024
  • Cost: $ 2,250 (excluding flights)

Inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ encyclical on the care of our common home, we will immerse ourselves in Quito, Ecuador, and the forestry in Yasuní National Park to explore the interconnection of Indigenous ecologies, education, and culture.

Together with the Pontifical University of Ecuador, the Yasuní Scientific Station community, and the Indigenous Waorani community, we will learn about critical perspectives on education as a factor of change, innovative ways of teaching children in Indigenous communities, and practices that protect our planet and its species.

Through participation in conferences, in-site visits, and hiking trails, we will have the opportunity to deeply reflect on how we are called to preserve our planet, and how different forms of education and culture can help to reach that mission.