Arrupe Observatory for Human Rights at Cali Colombia

demonstration for peace in colombia, people carry letters that read "PAZ" (peace)

  • Where: Cali, Colombia
  • When: May 17th- May 24th
  • Topic: Peace Process and Conflict Resolution in Cali, Colombia.
  • Instructor: Arrupe Observatory for Human Rights. 
  • How Much: $1450 (flights not included)
  • Host: Javeriana Cali and Instituto de Estudios Interculturales.

A historic peace accord between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC-EP and the Colombian government was reached in November 2016, which was expected to end one of the oldest conflicts in the world. However, "the stable and lasting peace" promised by this pact is not yet fulfilled and a wave of violence and death has updated the terror in the country. This skills course is designed to analyze the history of this conflict, to interrogate hypotheses for its future, and importantly, workshop methods to build community-level peace processes that can be applied in other contexts. It employs a participatory, collaborative and experiential methodology where students learn by doing. The course is run and designed by the Instituto de Estudios Interculturales in Cali, Colombia – one of the important actors in promoting the peace process, and engaging communities to implement the peace process.