The following information will help you get started and prepare you for teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences.

New Hire Part-Time Faculty Checklist

  1. Receive letter of intent to hire from Associate Dean.
  2. Access to USF email, Canvas, and online library resources will be granted 30 days before the start of your assignment (or immediately if you are hired within this time frame). An email will be sent once the access has been granted with instructions for logging into these systems.
  3. Complete new hire paperwork. Bring paperwork, letter of intent to hire, appropriate identification, and voided check if you are participating in Direct Deposit, to Human Resources (Lone Mountain Room 339) before your first day.
  4. Once paperwork is processed by Human Resources, an authorization form for your One Card will be issued. Take the authorization form to One Card Services (Lone Mountain Room 130) to have your photo taken and to receive your One Card.


Adjunct faculty will receive contracts confirming their teaching assignment no later than the census for each course. Contracts will be sent to USF e-mail addresses.


Adjunct faculty receive their pay in 4 installments in accordance with the University's routine payroll schedule. Paydays fall on the 26th of the month. See table for fall and spring disbursements. Intersession and summer payment schedules will vary.

Fall: Sep.-Dec.
Spring: Feb.-May

Part-Time Faculty Orientation

The orientation acquaints new adjunct faculty with the University, its Mission and culture, and its practices and operations. An optional Resource Fair with various on-campus departments, including Human Resources and Public Safety, will take place prior to the event. A light dinner buffet will be provided.

For questions regarding timesheets, email

Department Information

Department Chair

Your Department Chair will be your main point of contact for administrative and teaching guidance. Department Chairs can offer assistance with:

  • Course development
  • Department policies and procedures
  • Syllabi development
  • Teaching questions

Program Assistant

Your department's Program Assistant will provide assistance with:

  • Bookstore orders
  • Classroom or technology requests
  • Copies
  • Office space
  • Office supplies

Non-Teaching Assignments

All non-teaching assignments (NTA) must be submitted by the Department Chair/Director and approved in advance by the appropriate Associate Dean or the Dean. If approved, adjunct faculty will receive a NTA contract, and an email confirmation along with instructions. Adjunct Faculty are authorized to work the hours as indicated in their NTA contract. If for any reason an adjunct faculty member anticipates working more than the approved hours listed in the contract, they must contact their Department Chair and/or Associate Dean in advance. Again, all NTA hours must be pre-approved by the Dean.

Adjunct Faculty must enter their Non-Teaching Assignment hours in USFWorks in order to be paid for this work. As soon as possible after completing an NTA assignment, adjunct faculty must log into USFWorks to record their hours by following these instructions: Enter Time Worked for Adjunct Faculty

Preferred Hiring Pools (PHP)


Please refer to the Part-time Faculty Association Collective Bargaining Agreement for complete information on the PHP.

PHP Eligibility: Effective Fall 2023, all adjunct professors who upon evaluation are determined to be effective teachers who demonstrate competence and successfully complete their teaching assignment in accordance with Article 13, and who have completed at least forty-four (44) units and have a minimum of six (6) semesters of service, or thirty-eight (38) units and have a minimum of eight (8) semesters of service, may apply for the preferred hiring pool (PHP). Applicants must notify their Department Chair in writing of their intent to apply for PHP. Application to the PHP is submitted to the Dean each Fall semester on or before October 15th. The effective date of PHP decision is the following Spring semester. Please refer to the Part-time Faculty CBA for complete instructions on how to apply.

There are several benefits to being in the PHP. PHP members are paid at a higher rate than non-PHP adjunct faculty, gain access to the University's retirement and medical plans (there are a limited number of slots available), receive life insurance, and are eligible for tuition remission.

There is also a preference given to PHP members in regards to course assignment for those courses for which applicants have been given PHP status. For example: adjunct faculty member A is high on the PHP list (has been in the PHP for many years). Adjunct faculty member B is low on the PHP list (has been in the PHP for a few years). Adjunct faculty member C is not in the PHP. Adjunct A would receive first choice of available section(s) that she is eligible to teach, followed by B, and finally C. In the case where Adjunct A's class is canceled due to low enrollment, Adjunct A can then be assigned a course originally assigned to Adjunct C (the non-PHP adjunct faculty member). This replacement can occur only if Adjunct faculty A has PHP status with respect to the course in question.

This process of reassigning faculty should take place more than 25 days before the first day of fall classes, or 14 days before the beginning of the spring semester, to minimize disruption.


Please refer to the Part-time Faculty Association Collective Bargaining Agreement for complete information on the PHP 2.

PHP 2 Eligibility: PHP 2 candidates must have a minimum of ten (10) years of service and one hundred and twenty-four (124) units in the bargaining unit. They must notify their department chair in writing of their intent to apply for PHP 2. Promotion to PHP 2 will be based on teaching excellence, collegiality, continuing professional development in teaching, and support for department / programs learning objectives and outcomes. Decisions by the Dean for PHP 2 status will be final and shall not be subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of the agreement. Please refer to the Part-time Faculty CBA for complete instructions on how to apply.

PHP 2 status grants an increase in per-unit compensation only. There are no other benefits nor additional seniority rights.

Applicants denied PHP 2 status are eligible to reapply in two years.

Contact Us

Claudine Van Delden
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
(415) 422-5497

For department specific questions, please contact your department's Program Assistant.