Courses at Other Institutions

U.S. Institutions

What do I need to do in order to take courses at another U.S. institution?

Meet with your Media Studies adviser to determine whether or not taking courses at another U.S. institution is necessary. If your adviser gives their approval, you will need to fill out a Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI) form and follow processing instructions listed on this form. Your course units at another institution must not exceed 18 units in any one semester. Note: You are not permitted to take core courses, departmental courses, or courses offered concurrently at USF during any semester or session.

Petition to Enroll at Another Institution

How does taking courses at another institution affect my GPA?

If you take a course at a college or university not affiliated with USF, it will not be counted in your cumulative grade point average unless specifically authorized by the dean.

Studying Abroad

What is the process for Studying Abroad?

Typically, students study abroad in their 3rd year. Planning ahead by visiting the Center for Global Education and speaking to your media studies adviser, will help you in determining which courses to take abroad and what areas they’ll fulfill, i.e. core, major, minor or general electives.

What courses can Study Abroad fulfill?

USF-sponsored study abroad programs can fulfill major, minor, core, or elective courses. Courses from programs not sponsored by USF can fulfill core and elective courses, however, due to residency requirements, please talk to your media studies adviser about taking major and minor classes abroad.

Which study abroad programs offer media studies-related courses?

The following is a list of some of the USF-sponsored study abroad programs that include courses geared towards media studies students. Since these programs are sponsored, earned units count towards the residency requirement.