Past Events

Most Philosophy Department events are supported in part or full by the Mortimer J. Fleishhacker Fund for Philosophy at the University of San Francisco.

Fall 2023

  • 8/7-8: Workshop on Asian American Philosophy
  • 10/5: Roosevelt Montás on Why the Great Books Matter for a New Generation.
  • 11/9-11: Society for Asian and American Philosophy Annual Conference

Spring 2023

  • 3/9: NEH Talk Elemental Loss
  • 3/23: Philosophy of Nature
  • 4/13-14: Indian Philosophy Conference
  • 5/4: Yoga Meditation Workshop

Fall 2022

  • 9/8-11: Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition Conference
  • 10/20-21: Phenomenology of Embodiment Colloquium + Workshop

Summer 2022

  • 6/25: Bay Area St. Thomas Association 6th Annual Meeting

Spring 2022

  • 4/12: Women are Not Adult Human Females

Spring 2015

  • February 26-28: Conference, Annual Int’l American Maritain Association 38th Annual International Meeting ‘Maritain Engage: Thomism Faces the Global Challenge’ and Awards banquet.
  • March 6-7: BayCAP Colloquium, James Lennox (University of Pittsburgh) ‘Erotetic Frameworks and Domain-specific Norms: Aristotle on the Design of Inquiry’
  • March 27: BACPA Colloquium, Ales Bello (Lateran University, Rome) and James Hart (Indiana University) ‘The Divine in Husserl’
  • March 24: Colloquium, Yoko Arisaka, (University of Hildesheim) ‘The Existential Self and the Politics of Place’
  • April 15: Presentation, BACPA Class Presentation, Professor Marjolein Oele ‘Virtual Discussion on the Divine in Husserl’, Vincent Barletta (Stanford)
  • April 16-18: Conference, Fleishhacker Lecture Series and Latin American Philosophy Conference, ‘Latin American Philosophy in the United States: Past, Present & Future’, Jorge Gracia, (University at Buffalo)

Fall 2014

  • Sept. 19: Colloquium, Sean Drysdale Walsh (University of Minnesota Duluth), "Virtue, Obligation, and Risk: Aristotle and Mencius on Actualizing Our Full Potential"
  • Sept. 20: Workshop, Thomas Holden (UC Santa Barbara), Saul Traiger (Occidental), Rico Vitz (Azuza Pacific), Angela Coventry (Portland State), Emilio Mazza, (IULM, Milan) "West Coast Hume Scholars Workshop"
  • Sept. 22 Conference, Emilio Mazza (ILUM, Milan) and Drew Cameron (Founder & Director of Combat Paper) "War and Its Effects on Society"
  • Nov. 1 USF Co-Sponsored Workshop, Voula Tsouna (UCSB), Nick Smith (Lewis & Clark), Justin Vlasits (UCB), Samuel Baker (UCLA), "BayCAP Workshop" at UC Davis.

Spring 2013

  • April 12: Fleishacker Lecture, Christine Battersby (University of Warwick), "Of Cyborgs, Robots and The Ethics of Drone Warfare: Revisiting the Human–Machine Interface"
  • April 10: Conference: War and its Effects on Society. With Fr. Fernando Insua (Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá), Rebecca Gordon (USF), Nicolas Rasmussen (University of New South Wales), Drew Cameron (Director of the Combat Paper Project), with Christine Battersby (University of Warwick).
  • April 9: Colloquium by 2013 Fleishacker Chair in Philosophy Christine Battersby, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, "Struck by the Forgotten: Trauma and the Sublime in Nietzsche and Freud."
  • April 5: Colloquium, Sean Drysdale Walsh (University of Minnesota Duluth), "Human Life, Ethics, and the Political Life: Reflections on Confucius, Aristotle, and Hume"
  • March 6th: Colloquium, Robert Gooding-Williams (Chicago, Politics), "Obama, Du Bois, Autobiography."

Fall 2012

  • November 12: Colloquium, Dalia Nasser (University of Sydney, and Villanova University, also USF '00), "Nature/Culture, Identity/Difference: Romantic Responses to Environmental Questions." Co-sponsored by the Bay Area Continental Philosophy Association.
  • November 7: Colloquium, Franco "Bifo" Berardi, "The Rise of the Cognitariat: Cognitive Labor in Search of a Body." Co-sponsored by Departments of Communication Studies, Media Studies, and Peace & Justice Studies Program.
  • October 25: Colloquium, Christopher Long (Penn State University), "Plato and the Politics of Reading", sponsored by The Bay Area Continental Philosophy Association (BACPA), in conjunction with the University of San Francisco Department of Philosophy

Spring 2012

  • April 19-22: Ancient Philosophy Society, Twelfth Annual Independent Meeting.
  • April 19: Discussion, Paul Wright, MD, "Mother Theresa's Prescription."
  • April 2: Colloquium, Scott Crow, "Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective." A Project of the College's Sustainability Task Force and Diversity Task Force, co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.
  • March 30-31: Bay Area Philosophy of Science (BAPS) Workshop on Pragmatism in the Philosophy of Science, organized by David Stump (University of San Francisco) and Alex Klein (CSU Long Beach). Participants include: Francesca Bordogna, Matt Brown, Arthur Fine, Ron Giere, Gary Hatfield, Don Howard, Cheryl Misak, Trevor Pearce, Alan Richardson, Quayshawn Spencer.
  • February 21: Lecture by 2012 Fleishhacker Chair in Philosophy Linda Alcoff, Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center: "Social Identities and the Question of Realism"
  • February 24 & 25: Conference on Racism & Xenophobia, including Cynthia Willett, Mickaella Perina, Lawrence Blum, Kyoo Lee, Alia Al-Saji, and Eduardo Mendieta. Keynote Address, Linda Alcoff: "Occupying Whiteness without Xenophobia"
  • February 15: Screening of Jeffrey van Davis’s documentary, "Martin Heidegger: Only a God Can Save Us," with a Director's Q&A following. Co-sponsored by the Department of History, and the Politics Department.
  • February 9: Bay Area Philosophy of Science (BAPS) meeting, featuring Eric Winsberg (U South Florida) and Marilena Di Bucchianico (SFSU).
  • February 9: Colloquium, Jason Wirth, "Everywhere, Nothing Hidden." Sponsored jointly with the Environmental Studies Program, Jason Wirth (Seattle University) speaks on "Dogen and Nature." Dogen was the 13th-century founder of the Soto school of Zen.
  • January 31: A talk by David Graeber (Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London), on his new book "Debt: The First Five Thousand Years." Co-sponsored by Peace & Justice Studies.

Fall 2011

  • November 17: Movie Screening: "An Encounter with Simone Weil," by Julia Haslett, Screening to be followed by Q&A with the director. In collaboration with and made possible by: the Bay Area Continental Philosophy Association (BACPA), Fleishacker Fund, Philosophy Department, History Department, European Studies program, the Saint Ignatius Institute, Theology and Religious Studies, the Jewish Studies and Social Justice program, and the Gleeson library.
  • November 7: Colloquium Presentation: Remy Debes (University of Memphis), "Besting the Rationalism-Empiricism Platitude: A Second Look at 18th Century Moral Theory."
  • October 21: Colloquium Presentation: Professor John O’Callaghan (University of Notre Dame, Jacques Maritain Center), "Aquinas' Platonic Soul? Summa Theologiae Ia.75"
  • September 16-17: 2nd USF Conference on Responsibility, Agency, and Persons. Featured Speakers include Andrei Buckareff, Thomas Nadelhoffer, Jada Strabbing, Neal Tognazzini, Coleen Macnamara. Commentators: Tim O’Connor, Victoria McGeer, Gary Watson, Paul Russell, David Copp. (First CRAP held September 26 & 27, 2007.)

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

  • September 27: Movie Screening: "Being in the World, A Movie," by Tao Ruspoli, Screening followed by Q&A with the director and Professor Mark Wrathall.

Spring 1999

  • Faith & Reason Conference. Sponsored by Fleishhacker Endowment.

Spring 1998

  • Human Cloning Conference. Sponsored by Fleishhacker Endowment.


  • Baby-Making Conference. Sponsored by Fleishhacker Endowment.


  • Euthanasia Conference. Sponsored by Fleishhacker Endowment.