Students interested in Pre-Law minors or our 4+3/3+3 Programs should contact:

Prof. Brian Weiner, Politics, current Director of Legal Studies and Criminal Justice Studies minors
KA 273
Specializations: Public Law, American Politics, Political and Legal Theory, Constitutional Law


Additional Faculty advisors for students interested in Pre-Law at USF:

Prof. Kouslaa Kessler-Mata, Politics
KA 249
Specializations: Democratic Politics, Tribal Governments, Federal Indian Law

Prof. Kimberly Richman, Sociology
KA 256
Specializations: Crime Law, Family Law, Gender and Sexuality, Prison Systems

Prof. Dana Zartner, International Studies
KA 222B
Specializations:International Law, Comparative Law, Human Rights, Environment

Prof. Dean Rader, English
KA 485

Prof. Rhonda Magee, School of Law
KN 201
Specializations: Race Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law

Prof. Sarah Burgess, Communication Studies
KA 343
Specializations: Gender and Sexuality and the Law, Legal Rhetorics, Privacy Law, First Amendment Law

Nicholas Bronson, LSAT Prep Instructor
Specializations: Standardized Testing, Law School applications