Follow-Up Process

After You Report

When a report is submitted, BERT reviews it and assigns a process advocate to reach out to the reporting party.  The process advocate will contact you quickly, but no later than two business days after reporting the incident.  They will meet with you, gather additional information and advise you of options and resources available to you and others affected by the incident.

BERT will meet and determine a course of action.  The response will vary based on the information gathered, requests of the reporting parties, and severity of the incident.  In all cases, there will be an educational component to the response, because the primary purpose of BERT is to educate the campus community, promote a culture of respect, and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Some cases will warrant a more formal investigation.  In those cases, findings will be shared with the Office of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities and/or Human Resources as appropriate for follow-up.  Sanctions or corrective action can result for parties found responsible for violating University policies. 

Flow Chart for Follow-up Process

USF Bias-Incident Response Procedures