Data Governance

The Data Governance's mission is to provide an information framework designed to maximize clarity and consistency of common usage ensuring timely and accurate understanding for reporting, benchmarking, and decision-making for the university, its partners, accrediting organizations, and government agencies. As a cornerstone of our charter, we strive to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data assets as per the University's Information Security Policy and in alignment with the University's information classification scheme.


  • Develop and maintain a collaborative framework for guiding the organization, design, security, and consumption of university data assets.
  • Provide a university-wide resource for data discovery.
  • Improve accuracy and reliability of data.
  • Develop organizational policy describing how information should be treated and how ownership responsibilities and accountabilities can be established and monitored. 


The scope of the USF Data Governance Committee is to monitor and resolve data issues in those university enterprise level data systems which contain standardized system data elements and those data elements used for mandatory external reporting. Non-standardized data elements, those not used for university reporting, and non-enterprise system data are out of scope. 


The Data Governance Committee is sponsored by the Vice Provost for Institutional Planning, Budget and Analytics, through the Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (CIPE)  -the university's official reporting organization which includes Institutional Research and Analytics.