Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (CIPE)

The primary goal of the Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (CIPE) is to create an integrated model of evidence based decision making to support the University's leadership in its commitment to the core mission and progress towards strategic priorities.

The offices of Institutional Research & Analytics, Planning & Budget, and Assessment and Accreditation Support work together to provide you data reports and services that will enhance and support your data needs.

The Operating Budget, Tuition & Fees, and related financial information can be referenced on Planning and Budget's Office Reports web page.

Institutional surveys should refer to the Institutional Survey Policy. Once you review this policy, contact to get your institutional survey started.

Tableau Access

To obtain a Tableau account, you must complete the two training sessions listed below. Once the trainings are completed, you may complete the Request Application Access Form and ITS will create your Tableau account. The access request should be submitted and approved by the supervisor of the person for whom access is being requested. Please be sure to provide correct and clear information in the request form to avoid any delay in the access approval and processing.

All requests will be reviewed by the appropriate functional security officer(s) for approval. Users MUST complete BOTH training sessions below prior to access being provisioned:

1) Information Security Awareness Training       


2) Elevated Access Training  

For any questions related to specific Banner functions, please contact the appropriate functional Security Officer listed below for clarification.

Security Officers by Business Area:


Training and Resources

Tableau User Guide: Covers basic navigation and functionality of Tableau Server environment.

Training Videos courtesy of Tableau (you will be asked to set up an account before access is allowed)

If applicable, please establish finance access before attending training.