Send an Announcement

You can create an announcement to share important information with all users within your course. Think of the Announcement as a One-Way communication to your course. When you create an Announcement, all course users will receive an email notification sent to their default email address as specified in their Canvas Notification preferences. The announcement will then be listed under the Announcements navigation link in your course.

Step-by-Step Guides

Tips and Best Practices

  •  You will not be notified if a student replies to a comment, so it is best to disable comments and replies in your announcements. Announcements are best used for One-Way communication and not a back and forth conversation.
  • By default, all students will receive an email of the announcement unless they manually disable this setting in their Notification settings. This is very rare
  • Once you select Save on the Announcement creation page the Announcement Notification email will be sent to your students. However , you as an instructor you will NOT be copied on this email UNLESS you modify your Canvas notification settings to allow this

Video Tutorial

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