Combine Course Sections

Canvas courses are created by an automated process that syncs the enrollment and section information with Banner, the USF student information system; for each official course section created in Banner an identical section is created in Canvas. The end result may  leave the instructor to manage separate Canvas sections of a course that will ultimately access the same content.

Using the Cross list this Section feature in Canvas, instructors can combine students into a single master Canvas course, eliminating the need to copy the same information to each separate section.

New for 2024!  Please be aware of recent updates and FERPA requirements when combining course section in Canvas. 

Step-by-Step Guides

Tips and Best Practices

  • Pick a Parent/ Master course to merge or cross-list the other course sections into.
  • Cross-listing is performed from within the child course and pointing to the Parent/Master course.
  • Note: All contents of the child courses will be erased when they are cross-listed into the master course, so make sure your child courses DO NOT have content you want to preserved as all content will be overridden.

Video Tutorial