Combine Course Sections

Canvas courses are created by an automated process that syncs the enrollment and section information with Banner, the USF student information system; for each official course section created in Banner an identical section is created in Canvas. The end result may  leave the instructor to manage separate Canvas sections of a course that will ultimately access the same content.

Using the Cross list this Section feature in Canvas, instructors can combine students into a single master Canvas course, eliminating the need to copy the same information to each separate section.

Step-by-Step Guides

Tips and Best Practices

  • Pick a Parent/ Master course to merge or cross-list the other course sections into.
  • Cross-listing is performed from within the child course and pointing to the Parent/Master course.
  • Note: All contents of the child courses will be erased when they are cross-listed into the master course, so make sure your child courses DO NOT have content you want to preserved as all content will be overridden.

Video Tutorial