Create a Simple Gradebook using Assignments

Instead of having students each email you their homework, papers or problems sets, and you having to download and manage each submission, wouldn’t it better if you were able to collect these items in one common repository with each Assignment linked to the correct student? This is the power of the Assignment in Canvas.

If you prefer a video tutorial of these steps please watch the Assignment Tutorial Videos on the ETS Canvas Website
When you create a Canvas Assignment

  • a column is created in the Gradebook,
  • a reminder is placed on the course calendar
  • a link to the assignment is listed on the Canvas Syllabus page.
  • The assignments are also listed on the Assignment page accessible in the left navigation menu

Note: For any action or object you which to grade, you must first create a Canvas Assignment. This will create a column in the Canvas Gradebook by which you can grade each student.

Step-by-Step Instructions