Add Users

Canvas course enrollments are controlled by Banner, the campus student information system. When a student registers for a course or instructor is assigned a course within Banner, this information will be automatically synced to Canvas and the corresponding course will be updated.

However there may be times when you need to add another USF user to your course as the role of student, designer, copier, Teacher or Teaching assistant. You may, for instance, need to add a fellow instructor to your course, so they can see how you organized your course or so they can copy your content into their course shell.

Step-by-Step Guides

Tips and Best Practices

  • If you need to add another instructor to your course so they can see your course content and structure or copy portions of the course into their own, add them using the Copy role. This will allow that instructor to see your content but will not expose student grades or delete or change any content.
  • To add USF students to your course, specify their login and NOT their USF email. Canvas will NOT accept the email and will generate an error.
  • If you find the People link is grey, this means the course is concluded and users cannot be added. Use this technique to enable enrollments again.