Add User to Past Courses


To add users to past or concluded Canvas courses, you must manually extend the Course by setting a course Ends date and select the "Students can only participate..." button on the course settings screen.

  • USF Institutional Canvas courses, that is, courses listed in the USF catalog, are automatically closed 6 weeks in Canvas after the official term end date specified in Banner (the Faculty Self Service Area) and by the Registrar's office.

  • In this closed state, new users cannot be added to the course  and students can not participate in the course by uploading documents, participating in discussions, sending and receiving emails etc. Students can still access the course however.

  • Even though the course may appear to have no End Date in the Canvas Course settings area, this end date is set automatically by the course conclude date in Banner, and will override any settings in the Course details screen!
    Canvas course end date settings

Step-by Step Instructions