End-of-Semester Tips

Official Grades

Although you may track and update your student grades in the Canvas gradebook, you will still need to submit your final, official student grades to the University Registrar. Please see the Registrar’s Faculty Resource page for instructions on how to submit final grades

Final Canvas Gradebook Totals

The Total column in the gradebook will reflect the current scores of your students. Any assignment where you have NOT entered a grade (showing a dash), will be ignored in the final Total column calculation for that student. Also, any hidden assignment grades will be ignored in the student view of the gradebook. As a result, students will see a total grade which differs from your instructor view gradebook total. It is good practice to review your grades one last time. At this time you should:

If you decide to export your Canvas gradebook to Excel before submitting official grades to the registrar, be sure to note the columns generated. The Current Score column ignores unrecorded grades (those with a dash) while the Total Score column sets all these scores to zero.

Troubleshooting the Teaching Effectiveness Survey

If your students have trouble accessing the Teaching Effectiveness survey for your course or you have general questions about the Blue Survey tool,please contact the Office of the Registrar at (415) 422-7260 or visit the Teaching Effective Survey website.

Course Visibility and Student Access After The Semester

If you have questions about general access to your course after the semester or want to restrict access to your Canvas course, please see the Canvas Course Access and Visibility document.

Copying Content Between Courses and Sharing Your Course with another Instructor