Share Your Course with Other Instructors

There may times when you want to share the content and structure of your course with a fellow instructor. That instructor may want to examine how you set up your own course or perhaps they may want to copy your course or parts of your course into their own course. Below are few scenarios to consider.

Step-By-Step Guides

Scenario 1: You simply want your fellow instructor to see or examine your course structure and setup

Scenario 2: You want your fellow instructor to examine your course and they will copy all or some of the content into their own course.

  • First Add them to your course as a Copier as described in Scenario 1 above.
  • Then instruct them to use the Canvas Import  tool to copy content into their own course. You can send them this link : Import Content from Another Course

Scenario 3: You just want your course content copied to another instructors course. The instructor does not need to first examine your course.

Tips and Best Practices

  • No student data, such as grades,discussion posts, student feedback etc, ever gets transferred in any course export..