Overnight Accommodations

Loyola Village Guest Units

The University has a few overnight guest units in Loyola Village for visitors on official University business.

The intended use of these units is for short-term stays for no longer than a week. If available, employees may book the guest units for personal use five (5) business days in advance, which is defined as any non-university business, such as family/friend visits, as well as staff/faculty needing overnight accommodations where the payment is not being covered by the University.

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There are two types of bookings defined as follows:

Hotel Groups (8 room nights or 8+ persons): Group bookings must be requested through EM&GS. Hotels will be sourced per your criteria. The contract will then be negotiated and presented for approval.

Hotel Transient (individual rooms): For any length of stay that would include families of students, alumni, visiting faculty, or business relations, we have established links and preferred rates with selected hotels in San Francisco, listed below. These rates are subject to availability. It is always prudent to check for potentially better deals online.

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Events Management & Guest Services

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