Local Hotels

There are two types of bookings defined as follows:

Hotel Groups (8 room nights or 8+ persons): Group bookings must be requested through EM&GS, here. Hotels will be sourced per your criteria. The contract will then be negotiated, and presented for approval with your Dean or Vice President's signature.

Hotel Transient (individual rooms): For any length of stay that would include families of students, alumni, visiting faculty, or business relations, we have established links and preferred rates with selected hotels in San Francisco, listed below. These rates are subject to availability. It is always prudent to check for potentially better deals online. 

Located in Union Square between Geary and Mason St. The Handlery Hotel is 3 miles from USF's Main Campus and 1 mile from USF's Downtown Campus.

Handlery Union Square Hotel

Both hotels are located within a block of each other in between the Financial District and Union Square. The eco-friendly Orchard Hotels are 1 mile from USF's Downtown Campus.

Orchard Hotel
Orchard Garden Hotel

Located downtown San Francisco in between Nob Hill and Chinatown, the Stanford Court Hotel is 1 mile from USF's Downtown Campus.

The Stanford Court

One block from Pier 14 along the Embarcadero, Hotel Griffon is easily accessible from the 80 Freeway. This hotel is conveniently located 1 block away from USF's Downtown Campus.

Hotel Griffon San Francisco

Centered between Nob Hill, Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Bridge, Holiday Inn is 2.5 miles from USF's Main Campus and 2 miles from the Downtown Campus.

Holiday Inn San Francisco - Golden Gateway