Donate to the Food Pantry

Helping is Caring

GoUSF is partnering with the food pantry to provide monthly donation drives of non-perishable items that may be a challenge for some of our students to obtain. All donations will be collected in the new green bin which lives in the Gleeson Library Atrium.

The donation drives are open to faculty, staff and students and will last a week each month and be held in conjunction with one of the food pantry distribution days.  They will be announced through social media. Once the items are collected, they will be available on that Friday distribution day on a first-come, first-serve basis until our supply is depleted.

If you aren't working on campus, you can also donate online. Details here.

Questions? Contact Suzy Kisylia,


Donation Drive Summaries

Faculty and staff members at the University of San Francisco School of Law coordinated a Food Drive on behalf of the Food Pantry. Over 75 items were donated, including canned chili, soups, bags of rice, canned fruit, and more! 

The Residence Hall Council at Toler Hall, led by current student Caterina Ponti, organized a Food Drive in the month of November 2023. The team collected over 50 items to be used in the December 2023 Food Pantries. The items donated included bottles of Gatorade, cans of chicken noodle soup, dry oats, mixed nuts, ramen, bags of chips, and more! 

Donated Items Include:

toothbrushes 8
toothpaste 45


Donated Items include:

jackets and coats 42
pairs of socks 34
beanies 8
scarves 3
pairs of shoes 19
sweatpants 1
blankets 2



We once again would like to thank our community for coming together to donate to our Food Pantry. We received 100% participation from our leadership team! In all, 114 employees donated $6000+. This amount is enough to cover the pantry’s operating budget 4 openings, which feeds a total of 400-500 students plus 130 Thanksgiving dinners. Donations will be used to purchase non-perishable food items, hygiene products, and fresh produce for our students.

Human Resources thanks our partners, Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Office of Development, for creating this wonderful opportunity to benefit our students.

The University of San Francisco’s Food Pantry was established in the fall 2018 semester and is available to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University. The pantry is meant to provide an intermediate solution for students who are experiencing food insecurity. Being food insecure means having limited or uncertain access to a sufficient quantity of food (USDA, 2011) Any questions about the pantry program can be directed to the Dean of Students Office at or (415) 422-4099.