Student Leadership Positions

Go to the front of the line. Become a leader at USF.

USF offers students many opportunities for leadership, including engaging in residential programs and roles. Get involved, learn about issues, help others, and find your strength for leadership.

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The CA and SGH applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year is currently closed! Please direct all questions regarding the hiring and application process to Thank you! 


Leadership Opportunities in Student Housing 

Community Assistants (CA)

Community Assistants (CAs) provide quality customer service while maintaining the safety, security and confidentiality of our students in our Residence Halls. CAs are a resource to our on-campus student residents and assist in building hall communities. Students in this role will have the opportunity to meet and greet other residents, parents, and visitors; provide information, give directions, and answer questions; and contribute to residents' peace of mind by maintaining a safe and secure living facility.


Community Office Managers (COM)

Community Office Managers are peer supervisors to a team of Community Assistants. The COM position is an essential leadership role that is responsible for the supervision, training, and scheduling of CAs. Students in this role will be able to develop and strengthen their management skills, cultivate communication skills, including communication in group settings; and learn to coordinate schedules and administer resources.


Summer Guest Housing (SGH)

Summer Guest Housing (SGH) staff interact with a wide variety of clientele during the month of May - August in the designated Summer buildings.. SGH staff work to create a comprehensive guest housing operation that meets the goals of the Summer Guest Housing Program.