General Housing FAQ

General Housing FAQ

Follow below for answers to Student Housing frequently asked questions regarding general concerns and inquiries about on campus housing. If your questions are not answered in this FAQ, please contact the Student Housing office either by email at or by phone during normal business hours at (415) 422 - 6824

How do I apply for housing? 

The housing application can be accessed from the USF Rooms website

When is the deadline to apply for housing? 

First year and transfer students may refer to the First Year/Transfer Students webpage for deadlines, which are based on class standing. Please note that the deadlines are different for first year students and transfer students. Continuing Students may refer to the Continuing Students webpage for their priority deadline. 

What does the room selection process look like for continuing students? 

The room selection process is detailed on the Continuing Students webpage

I am on the waitlist for on campus housing. What should I do? 

The on campus housing waitlist is updated on a rolling basis, meaning that, with every housing cancellation, students' waitlist numbers will move up. There is no guarantee that any student on the waitlist will get a room assignment, which is why Student Housing strongly recommends that all students on the housing waitlist seek support from Off Campus Living. Through OCL, students may learn about the SF housing rental market, search for off campus apartments vetted by USF, and more. It's a great idea for all continuing students to attend OCL info sessions and other events in anticipation of possibly not receiving on campus housing during the following academic year. 

How do I cancel my housing assignment? 

Please refer to the current housing contract cancellation policy.

Can I bring my car to USF and park it on campus? 

All students who receive and live in on-campus housing are not allowed to bring their cars to campus, as parking is very limited at USF. Please refer to the Public Safety Parking and Transportation webpage for more information. 

How can I reduce my Flexi Meal Plan? 

Generally speaking, students are not able to lower the cost of their Flexi Standard Meal Plan. Students who want to appeal this and reduce their meal plans for cultural, dietary, and/or medical reasons, must follow the detailed steps listed on the Meal Plans webpage.  

What do I do if I want to change my on campus housing room assignment and/or my assigned roommate? 

Roommate swaps and room change requests are available to students starting Census Date during the fall and spring semesters. On campus residents will be emailed the steps they need to take to request a room or roommate change. Students who submit requests are not guaranteed that their requests will be approved. Please refer to the Academic Calendar webpage to find out when Census Date will take place during the fall and spring semesters. 

How do I add Dons Dollars to my One Card? 

Students may check the balance of their Dons Dollars and deposit money into their Dons Dollars account through the One Card website

What should I do if I need to place a Facilities repair or maintenance request? 

Current residents are welcome to use the online Facilities Management system to request repairs or maintenance. Facilities can assist with replacing broken or missing furniture in student rooms. 

Where can I view the current academic year housing contract? 

The housing contract can be viewed on the Forms and Documents webpage

What is the mailing address of my residence hall? 

It's important that students know the mailing address of their residence hall, as mail that is sent to the generic USF address (2130 Fulton Street) will likely not get to students in a timely manner. Please refer to your residence hall's webpage for the mailing address you may use.

How can I forward my mail from my residence hall address to a new address? 

Students who want to forward their mail from their residence hall address location to a new address cannot forward their mail at this time. The only exception is Loyola Village residents, who should complete a mail forwarding form through the United States Postal Services.  Please contact your local United States Postal Service branch and request a Mail Vacation/Forwarding form to fill out.  You can also visit them online at

Are children allowed to live on campus? 

Pregnant students are able to and encouraged to continue to live in the residence halls. Depending on availability and need, a private room with bathroom may be provided to a pregnant student. USF does not allow infants or children to live on campus with their parents. Housing staff will assist parenting students in securing housing off campus.