International Student Alumni Resources

F-1 and J-1 USF alumni may be done with their program but still be connected through USF for their visa status. Refer to the resources below for students who are at this stage of their stay in the United States.

  • F-1 Optional Practical Training: Visit the "OPT: After Mailing Your Application" page for more information about your F-1 status after mailing your OPT application. This page also addresses questions on travel in OPT status and the 90 day unemployment law.
  • F-1 Optional Practical Training Employment Reporting: Submit your employment information through the USCIS online portal. You should have received information about the portal around the time of your start date. 
  • F-1 Optional Practical Training Extension: Student who have completed a degree designated by the U.S. Government to qualify for an OPT extension and who have an employer who is e-verified, can download these instructions for applying for the additional 17 months of OPT.
  • J-1 Academic Training: J-1 student who are on Academic Training and have questions about changing employers or ending their employment, should make an appointment with an ISSS advisor.
  • Transfer to Another Institution: F-1 and J-1 Alumni may still be eligible to have their SEVIS record transferred to a new school. Please refer to the transfer page for more details.
  • Change of Visa Category: USF Alumni that want to change to a new visa category (H1-B, B, etc.) should inform ISSS that they are in the process or are approved for that new category. ISSS will check your F-1 or J-1 SEVIS record to make sure it was properly updated. If you are a student who has a pending or approved H1-B application, ISSS can assist you with the Cap Gap extension if you are eligible.